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Commission Photo Guide

Choosing The Best Photo For Your Painting

Sometimes we see a photo of ourselves and think "That doesn't look like me!", well the same is true for our dogs too. Nobody knows that special look your dog has better than YOU. So what I'm trying to say is that you should choose a photo that captures your dogs unique look, personality and character!

To show you how it's done, here's our beautiful model, Benji.  Here's a great photo of Benji, which is exactly the kind of photo that makes a terrific portrait:

Let's go over why it's so good:

  • - It's taken from your Benji's eye level, meaning you're not looking down at your pet and he's not awkwardly staring back up wondering what's going on
  • - It's taken in natural light, which allows the colours to really stand out and be captured as they are
  • - It's taken from close up to capture as much detail as possible
  • - It isn't blurry, out of focus or taken from far away
  • - But most of all it captures Benji's distinctive friendly, charming look! Just look at those big beautiful eyes omg, not to mention that smile!

Here are some other photos of Benji, which are less good, and why:

This is a similar photo to the first one, it's almost good...however it's taken in indoor lighting, which doesn't allow us to see his true fur colouring. It's also quite dark!

This next one is what I was talking about by not being at his eye level. It's taken top down at an awkward angle. In order to get the best photos, you might have to get down on your belly, especially if, like Benji, your furry friend only has little legs.

This last one is emphasising how the photo needs to be in focus. You can see how it's very similar to the good one, but is a little blurry and loses all detail!

I hope that helped you in choosing the best photo for the best painting! If you've any questions at all, use the chat function in the corner of the page and I'd be happy to help you out!

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