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Frequently Asked Questions


Turnaround Time & Shipping

What is the turnaround time on custom paintings?

If you visit the commission page there will be a date displayed in bold at the top, which predicts the date that, if you ordered today, your commission would be ready for you to view. Following your approval, your painting will then be posted out to you. To see how long that will take, click here to visit the Shipping and Returns page.

Where are you based?

Sheffield, England

Do you ship internationally?


Does shipping cost extra?

No! Shipping to anywhere in the world is included within the price quoted to you on the commissions page.

How will my painting be packaged for delivery?

Your painting will be very securely packaged. It will first be mounted using a very rigid acid-free board, placed in cellophane, wrapped in bubble wrap, then placed between thick sheets of double-walled cardboard. 

The Commission Itself

What surface is my painting painted on?

Your painting will be painted on to professional quality watercolour paper, which is similar in rigidity to card. 

Do you paint on to canvas?

No, I find that watercolour paper is better suited to watercolour than a canvas. 

Do you have any guidance on what sized painting I should pick?

I always say to consider where you'd like to show the painting off. Do you imagine it as a centerpiece in your room? Perhaps placed above a fireplace? Then I'd choose the large. Alternatively if you plan on having it sat on a table top, on a smaller wall, or even at the office, maybe either the medium or large would suit. 

I see you can choose how many pets you'd like in the painting (1, 2 or 3), do you not offer 4 pets on a piece?

My limit is set at three pets per painting, I do this as I don't feel each pet would get the attention it deserves it I try to accommodate four, five or even six on to the paper. 

How do I get my photos to you?

On the commission page there is an option to upload your photos, so please don't worry about having to mail me your photos the old fashioned way! If you do want me to work from a physical photo, just scan it in to your computer and then upload it to my website that way. If you need any guidance at all please feel free to ask me either via the chat function on my website or via email ( 

Do you have any guidance on photo selection? 

Yes I do! If you go to the commission page, and scroll down to the upload photo section, I have an "advice for uploading photos" button, which should help you out! 

What if I don't have any good photos?

If you're unsure about the quality of the photos you have (perhaps if they are older photos), then please feel free to send the photo to my email and I'd be happy to see what I can do :)

Can you make any changes to my photographs?

Yes! However the ensure I don't lose the essence of the dog in the photo I like to keep any changes subtle. So, examples of changes that I could make are:

- Could you adjust the eyes on my dog? (make them clearer, looking in a different direction)

- Could you remove his or her collar?

- Could you close his or her eyes?

Changes that I can't make for fear of losing the likeness of your furry friend:

- Could you make them face a different direction?

- Could you paint them from another angle?

Unsure? Just ask! 

Can I request a specific kind of background?

Yes, of course! Feel free to specify whether you'd like splashes of colour, a solid background, grass by the dog's feet, etc. I don't tend to offer full background scenes as that isn't my specialty. 

Where can I tell you this information (about changes to the photos/background/etc)?

At the end of the form there's a box called "Want to explain anything about the photos you've chosen or additional requirements?", so there's where you can put all that!

I'm having problems uploading my photos

No problem, you can always email me your photos any time and I will get back to you ASAP:

How will my painting be presented when it arrives?

It will look something like this...